Founding Principles

The Bachelor’s program of the Department of Economics was founded based off the school’s core principles and to uphold the School of Management’s three strategic policies, also known as 3I: Integration, Internationalization, and Industrialization.

Emphasis is also placed on following developing industry trends, which creates the Department’s three specific educational objectives: 

  • Complying with national economic development
  • Fostering economic thinking, critical thinking and logical analysis along with problem solving skills 
  • Developing an international perspective 

The educational objectives of the Master’s program include objectives from the Bachelor’s program, but extend deeper into more complex studies, as seen below:  

  • Cultivating the ability to do independent research and expert economic analysis 
  • Strengthening mathematical analysis and logical reasoning ability
  • Developing an international perspective

The bachelor’s program also focuses on four core capabilities: 

  • A complete and systematic knowledge of economics 
  • The ability to apply mathematical analysis and theory, 
  • Good language skills, communication and presentation skills 

The master’s program’s four core capabilities are: 

  • The ability to write papers and presentations with economic expertise 
  • Good foreign language skills
  • The ability to construct economic models and quantitative analysis capability